The FICCI Healthcare Excellence Awards was conceptualised in 2009, with an aim to felicitate organizations and individuals for their contributions to the industry by innovating for increased efficiency, affordability and improved performance of healthcare delivery at large. The FICCI Awards have emerged as the definitive recognition for contribution to healthcare in the country over the years based on Innovation, Impact and Sustainability & Scalability which forms the three criteria’s for evaluation.

Indian Healthcare industry is growing at a tremendous pace owing to its strengthening coverage, services and increasing expenditure by public as well a private players, however, there is no dearth of challenges as India lags the world averages in key health indicators, health infrastructure and manpower compared to the developed world, and hence organizations who through their innovative solutions are able to address these challenges, should be recognized and encouraged.

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Award Categories 2019


Technology / Devices

Environment Friendly

Health Insurance

Skill Development

Social Initiative

Services Excellence

Healthcare Start-Up

Health Insurance Service Innovation

Jury 2019

  • Jury Chair

    Mr M Damodaran

    Former Chairman

  • Jury Co-Chair

    (Hony) Brig. Dr Arvind Lal

    Chairman & Managing Director

    Dr Lal PathLabs Ltd.

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Winners 2019

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